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Amanda Piyapanee

Celebrating 50 years of undergraduate women at Caltech!
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Outside of tech, my hobbies include fashion, journaling, and going to concerts!

Hello! My name is Amanda and I'm a senior studying computer science at Caltech. My current interests are in ML for healthcare, ML for self-driving, as well as technology for entertainment and media.

This summer 2022, I'm interning at Meta (formerly Facebook) as a software engineer on the AI Content Understanding Team.

Last summer, I was a software engineering intern at Salesforce on the Enterprise API team. I developed my skills in Java and SQL as well as expanded my perspective on the tech industry, from the software development process to different roles in tech. The summer before, I was a research fellow for The Wagenaar Lab where I made data visualizations and performed data analysis.

This upcoming fall, I'll be studying abroad at The University of Edinburgh to take courses such as Human-Computer Interaction, Mobile Robotics, Computer Communications and Networks, as well as Sustainable Development and Modern China in Literature and Film.

For the rest of my senior year, I'll be

Other notable things from my time at Caltech include

  • teaching the course Issues in Modern Computing: Algorithmic Justice and Societal Impacts with Techreach
  • bringing Datamatch to Caltech (and reaching half of the school to sign up!)
  • helping with Hacktech and Caltech Robotics
  • teaching a course on neuroscience over the summer through MIT Educational Studies Program with a friend
  • and serving as the Head Peer Advocate for Ricketts Hovse (with 2 new classes of people in college to handle!)

Feel free to check out my resume and LinkedIn below for a summary of my work experience! Check out my latest projects on my GitHub and hackathon work on my Devpost