Amanda Piyapanee


Welcome to my website! My name is Amanda and I'm a current junior studying computer science.

This year, I'm excited about taking more advanced machine learning courses and other specialized computer science courses, leading several clubs (Datamatch, Techreach, etc.), continuing my nonprofit work at Fair Bytes, and working for the Caltech CareerĀ Advising and Experiential Learning (CAEL) as a Peer Mentor!

Last summer, I interned at Salesforce for software engineering. As a temporary member of the Enterprise API team, my perspective on the tech industry grew a lot, from the development process to different roles in tech. The summer before, I researched at The Wagenaar Lab and did more on the data analytics and visualizations end.

For summer 2022, I'm interning at Meta (formerly Facebook) as a software engineer.

Feel free to check out my resume and LinkedIn for a summary of my work experience! Check out my latest projects on my GitHub and hackathon work on my Devpost.